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Music is very important in the Olympics, have you considered what aspects are behind
the music to be played during the different events?

First, let´s get familiar with the Olympic Hymn.
What can you infer about the first Olympics based on the lyrics?

Olympic Music and Medal Ceremony - myolympicsOlympic Music and Medal Ceremony - myolympics

Words by: Costis Palamas Music by: Spirou Samara
In use since: 1896, officially adopted 1958

** click on the lute and listen to the Olympic Hymn **

Olympic Music and Medal Ceremony - myolympics

English Version
Spanish Version

Immortal spirit of antiquity,
Father of the true, beautiful and good,
Descend, appear, shed over us thy light
Upon this ground and under this sky which has first witnessed thy unperishable
Give life and animation to those noble games!
Throw wreaths of fadeless flowers to the victors
In the race and in strife!
Create in our breasts, hearts of steel!
Shine in a roseate hue and form a vast temple
To which all nations throng to adore thee,
Oh immortal spirit of antiquity.

Espíritu inmortal de la antigüedad,
Padre de lo verdadero, lo hermoso y lo bueno.
Desciende, preséntate,
Derrámanos tu luz sobre esta tierra y bajo este cielo,
Que fue el primer testigo de tu imperecedera fama.
Dad vida y vivacidad a eso nobles juegos
Arrojad, guirnaldas de flores que no palidecen
¡A los victoriosos en la carrera y en la contienda!
¡Crea, en nuestros pechos, corazones de acero!
En tus ligeras llanuras, montañas y mares
Brillan en un matiz roseo y forman un enorme templo
En el que todas las naciones se reúnen para adorarte,
¡Oh espíritu inmortal de la antigüedad!

taken from: http://www.nostos.com/olympics/#Ancient%20Olympic%20Games

National Anthems in the Olympic medal ceremonies

the Olympic Hymn - myolympicsWhen winning athletes get their medals, their country's
national anthem is played while their national flag is hoisted, the Olympic Hymn - myolympics
can you think of the implications of this?

Can a country choose not to get their national anthem played?

Do national anthems need to be modified
in a certain way?

What attitude are athletes expected to have while their opponent's national anthem is played?

Share your thoughts in the thread below.
How might you use these questions in interviews of people who are watching the Olympics? Would you expect to find differences in the responses of interviewees from different cultures?

Athlete Behavior at the Olympic Podium

Mexico City It was the most popular medal ceremony of all time. The photographs of two black American sprinters standing on the medal podium with heads bowed and fists raised at the Mexico City Games in 1968 not only represent one of the most memorable moments in Olympic history but a milestone in America's civil rights movement. The two men were Tommie Smith and John Carlos. Teammates at San Jose State University, Smith and Carlos were stirred by the suggestion of a young sociologist friend Harry Edwards, who asked them and all the other black American athletes to join together and boycott the games. The protest, Edwards hoped, would bring attention to the fact that America's civil rights movement had not gone far enough to eliminate the injustices black Americans were facing. Edwards' group, the Olympic Project for Human Rights (OPHR), gained support from several world-class athletes and civil rights leaders but the all-out boycott never materialized. from http://www.infoplease.com/spot/summer-olympics-mexico-city.html

The Olympic Anthem - myolympics

Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan during the 1992 Olympic Games strategically placed American flags during the medal ceremony to cover up a Reebok label on their sweatsuits (both were under contract with Nike but Reebok was the Olympic sponsor)

How do these behaviors at the medal ceremonies compare? What do the contrasting images say about the change in focus of the Olympic Games between 1968 and 1992? Are the Olympic Games now more impacted by corporate rather than social influences?

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